How To Prune Roses Correctly In Late Summer

Pruning roses in summer is the most important thing for a healthy growth and flowering. Experts in gardening say that pruning roses in summer is very important and it must be done in August. Cutting the sprouts First of all, in the summer you have to cut off the sprouts …

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How To Protect Potted Roses In The Winter

Large enough pots, with a good quality soil, provide a good environment for roses. They can decorate patios, porches or other areas where they can’t grow directly into the garden. But how do we protect the in the winter? Long story short The roses that grow in pots, unprotected in …

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5 Indoor Plants Perfect For Your Bathroom

Here are 5 indoor plants that thrive in the humid bathroom area. Bridal Veil Bridal Veil is a very vigorous plant, easy to maintain and with great decorative potential. This plant is a fighter who copes with the dryness inside the houses during the winter, but in the bathroom will …

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