This Egg Trick Will Provide The Right Nutrients To Your Plants And Crops

The trick below is extremely useful if you want to make a small garden in the backyard, and it increases the chances to make it look perfectly.

First step
You have to go in the backyard and to choose the place where you want to grow your plants. Then dig a hole at about 20-30 centimeters deep, and add a whole egg to it, along with the purchased seeds, and then cover it them with ground or soil.

The egg will rot, and its contents, along with the calcium-rich shell and other minerals, will provide food for a great plant development.

In addition, the egg will protect the roots against the rotting phenomenon. Another advantage is that for this trick, you can use, without any problems, eggs that have passed the expiration date, and are no longer good for consumption.

Image Credits: Balconygardenweb

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