The Reason Why Orchid Leaves Are Turning Yellow! How To Save A Dying Orchid?

Orchids are resistant plants and they adapt very easy to the new environment, but you must provide them light and humidity. These are the main factors influencing plant health. When the leaves of the orchids begin to turn yellow, this must be concerning.

If your plant leaves turn yellow several times, you need to take action. You must be concern when the top leaves are yellow, because there is a risk to face with rotten roots. But first you have to understand the reasons why your orchid is losing its leaves.

1. You watered the plant too often. Although they are tropical plants, orchids can’t stand with their roots in water for too long. It has to have a pot with large holes to drain the water properly, and the water shouldn’t stay in the pot plate.

2. You watered the plant too rarely. If you don’t have time to care for your orchids, its leaves will begin dehydrated and to turn yellow. The orchid shouldn’t be watered too often, but every 3-4 days it needs moisture at the base of the plant and on the leaves.

3. You kept the orchid in the sun. This plant needs light but filtered. In its natural environment, it grows on the stem of the trees, sheltered by the foliage of the cobs. So, it shouldn’t stay in the sun rays. A bright place it’s the perfect place for it.

How to save a dying orchid?

Orchid leaves that have already turned yellow should be cut off if they are at the base of the plant. Move the pot to the light but away from the sun.

Water the plant more often, every 2 days, if you forgot about it lately. And put the pot on a grill to drain the
water well. Don’t add fertilizer in the water until you see that the plant has recovered, and the leaves have got their healthy green color.

Image Credits: Reddit

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