How To Water Orchids Correctly To Make Them Last Longer

Orchids are among the most loved pot flowers in the world, and many women are buying it to decorate the house. They need a lot of care and if you respect the following watering rules, it won’t wilt and the roots won’t rot.
The mature, blooming and well-developed orchids don’t need special care in their first year. They must remain in the original pot, until the roots grow excessively, and don’t need any other substrate. All they need is a well-lit window and water. But you need to know how to water them properly.

How much water orchids need?
Even if they come from the wet regions of the tropical globe, orchids are not a fan of water. They need a bit of time for the roots and the substrate in the bark where they are planted to dry out between watering.
It’s recommended to be watered once a week during the cold season and twice in summer when the temperature is high.

The best watering method
Orchids are not watered like all the other plants by pouring water around them. Their substrate in the bark will not retain enough moisture.

The best way is to sink the pot in a bigger bowl full of water and leave it for about 10 minutes. Then remove the pot on a grill and let the water drain well.

Never use water below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. They love warm water that doesn’t affect their roots.

Sprinkle water over orchids on warm days
These plants love warm rain, so it’s best to sprinkle them lightly with water on their leaves and flowers, during hot summer days or on winter days, when its dryness in your house.

Use a container with a fine sprayer and sprinkle it at a distance. Be careful for the water to be warm and soft (without limescale), so that no minerals and salt are deposited on the leaves.

Image Credits: Careforyourorchids

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