How To Grow Thyme (Or The Get Rid Of Cold Plant) In Pots

Plant your own get rid of cold plants. As cold season it’s around the corner, you should take a good care of your health. So, to prevent viruses to get to you, plant your own herbal plants to take advantage of their curative benefits. You can have your green corner and get rid of cold at the same time!

You can grow this super-curative plant right at your home in pots. So, learn how to care for get rid of cold plants.

Causes sweating and may speed up the healing of laryngitis or any throat affection. It has diuretic and intestinal antiseptic action. It’s a great liver protection. It calms spasm and convulsive cough.

How to use it?
Prepare an infusion of 1 to 2 teaspoons of plant to a cup of water. Drink 2 cups a day for one week. May be added freshly to your dishes too!

It’s not given in severe dyspepsia and hypopepsia, nor in pancreatic diseases.

How to cultivate it
Plant it in well-drained compost, adding a little soil with rotten leaves. It can be reproduced in March-April, both through seeds and by dividing mature bushes with roots and everything. Throughout the year, the pot is kept in the sun and heat. Water it only to maintain its humidity.

Image Credits: Gettyimages

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