How To Grow Tangerines From Seeds In Pots

If you plant a tangerine tree in the pot, you won’t feel sorry about it! It’s not complicated and it will be a lovely experience. Here’s how you can grow your own tangerine tree.

How to proceed?
First of all, you should prepare the soil that doesn’t have to be dry or acid.

Use organic soil for good drainage. You can use a mixture prepared by yourself, made from 2 parts of humus, 1 part of forest soil and 1 part of sand.

The most important thing is that the soil to provide a good drainage by letting the water and air to circulate.

Once you have prepared the ground, put the seeds.

They need germination. If it’s possible leave them for 2 days in a damp cloth, placed in a warm place.

Make sure that the cloth is always wet, and don’t let it dry.

Tangerine needs good drainage like most of plants do. You can provide drainage made from walnut shells or rocks placed on the bottom of the pot.

Seeds are planted at about 4 cm deep in neutral pH soil. You can plant up to 10 seeds.

How to care for tangerine tree
The young tangerine tree can’t stand dry soil and dry air. So, sprinkle water over them if the air is dry, especially in the winter, and wipe its leaves of dust.

Occasionally add fertilizers rich in magnesium, zinc and iron.

Water the tangerine tree when the soil has dried about 2.50 cm in depth.

Get rid of broken or dry twigs if necessary

Tangerine can grow in your apartment for many years, but you have to change the soil and pot if it’s growing, for the roots to have enough space to develop and to take their nutrients.

How to get rid of diseases and pests, if it’s necessary
Tangerine can be attacked by red mites, aphids and flies.

There are a lot of organic products that will make them disappear. And the best solution to get rid of such pests is to prepare a mixture from garlic and onion (2-3 crushed garlic cloves with a few onion rings infused in 500 ml of hot water). Sprinkle this solution over the affected area every 2 days.

You can wash these pests under the shower, if it’s possible.

You have to know that tangerine tree loves warmth and sun’s rays.

And to benefit of its fruits it takes almost 3-4 years, and you must have patience. Meanwhile, you can enjoy its beauty and take advantage of its citrus scent in your home.

Image Credits: Plantinstructions

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