How To Divide Aloe Vera Pups To Take Advantage Of Its Curative Properties

This succulent plant has well-known curative properties, and it’s a real treasure in your house. Cures minor wounds and burns and it’s the best remedy for a flawless complexion. That’s why it’s good to multiply Aloe Vera and have more mature plants at the pot.

There is a safe way to multiply Aloe Vera. It’s a succulent plant, related to cactus, which means it can be easily multiplied with leaves and root transplantation.

However, there is a little secret you need to know. Due to the fact that the Aloe Vera leaves are full of water, they are dehydrated too quickly after they are cut and the roots won’t appear. So, multiplication through cut leaves from the mother plant is more difficult to achieve.

The safest method is to divide the small plants that always appear next to the old plant (2-3 young plants each year).

How to multiply Aloe Vera by draining

First of all, you need to know that young Aloe Vera plants or cuttings share the same root with the mother plant and can’t be separated until they reach a certain size.

Aloe Vera cuttings can only be separated after they already have 3 or 4 leaves, and are about one-fifth of the adult plant length. If they have no well-developed leaves, they won’t be able to form their own roots.

Remove the soil around the cuttings, to reach the roots, and cut, so that both the mother plant and the cuttings to remain with a packet of roots large enough to support them.

Plant the cuttings separately, in different pots, with a mixture of soil and sand, to create the perfect environment for their development.

Let the new plants to get used with the new soil, and after a week you can start watering them with moderation.

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