4 Easy Steps To Save A Dying Plant

A diseased plant, wilted or attacked by pests, has a lot of chances to live if its roots are healthy. Here’s how to take care of it and what steps are needed to bring it back to life.
Neglected or excess watered flowers pots can be wiled in a few days. But you can bring them back to life if you transplant them into another pot and good soil. It’s very important to inspect the roots, and if they are not moldy or dry completely, there is a chance for any diseased plant to be reborn. If only a part of the roots are compromised, you can cut them with scissors leave just the healthy roots that can support the plant.

Prepare a new pot and quality soil, depending on the flower you want to plant. Put a thin layer of gravel or clay balls on the bottom of the pot to help drain the water, and then add fertile soil.
Plant the flower carefully, without bending or stuffing the roots. It’s important that they quickly adapt in the new pot and to start feeding the diseased plant. Keep the pot away from the sun and water the soil with moderation, until the plant begins to recover and make new leaves.

Add fertilizers
If your plant dries out of poor potting soil, you can save it by adding fertilizers. Dig the earth with a fork, to be loose and permeable. Then water the plant moderately with a mineral-based treatment. Use water-soluble fertilizers that are more easily absorbed by the roots. Read the labels and put a lower concentration of fertilizer in the water, because autumn plants fall into a standstill and need less water and nutrients.

Get rid of pests!
If the diseased plant was attacked by fleas or mold, clean the soil from the surface of the pot and replace it with good and clean soil, and then clean the leaves with a solution made of lukewarm water and dishwashing detergent. The detergent attacks most plant pests, but is only indicated for those that have glossy and resistant leaves like ficus does. The leaves of African violets, for example, can’t be washed.

Sun and the light
If your plant wilted because the whole summer stood in the rays of sun, find a more secure place in the house to receive light in the morning, but to stay away from sun’s rays. Dust the leaves, either with a soft cloth or with a very fine brush, and water the plant moderately until new healthy leaves begin to grow.

Image Credits: Flytrapcare

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