How To Use Mosquito Repellent Plants To Get Rid Of Those Annoying Insects

There are special mosquito repellents that you can find in stores, but which are often full of chemicals, have an unpleasant odor and leave your skin sticky.

But there are several natural options for those who prefer to keep mosquitoes at distance. I tried to use several repellent plants to keep mosquitoes away, which I highly recommend them. Been there, done that! So, try to send those mosquitoes into another neighbor’s garden, and keep yours mosquito free.

1. Balm leaves
This plant has a discreet lemon fragrance and is a real natural treatment for your wounds with high healing properties. If you plant balm in your garden, or in a pot, you will not only keep mosquitoes away, but you will also reduce anxiety and insomnia.

2. Lavender
This is the best mosquito repellent plant you can have around your house. This plant is great to keep mosquito away and their larvae.
An interesting way to keep mosquitoes away is to add a drop of lavender oil to a ribbon and place it next to an open window.

3. Mint
It is an aromatic plant that you can use for your dishes as well as to get rid of mosquitoes. Its strong smell will keep insects away, and essential mint oil will heal mosquito bites.
With these mosquito plants you can enjoy the summer evenings without worrying about mosquito bites or inflammation produced by mosquito bites.

Image Credits: Gardenista

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