How To Grow And Care For Jam Roses

I’m sure you’ve already heard about the Rose of Damascus, mostly found on the ingredients list of certain cosmetics. It has a tremendous success on the market, as it is based on renowned businesses both in the cosmetic and in the natural and gastronomic field. Even if Rosa of Damascus (it is divided into several types) is the most used in the cosmetic area, you can use it in your dishes to prepare the most exquisite jam from its petals.
Jam roses don’t require a different care than other varieties, but if you want a rich harvest, you need to give them all your attention.

It is good to use natural fertilizer and never chemicals. Don’t forget that you will use the petals for culinary purposes and it’s best to prepare healthy and bio jams.

First of all you should know that this plant should be watered daily, and the soil must be frequently drained. Also, the place where you plant them must be sunny at least in the first part of the day. Make sure the jam roses are not kept in shade or suffocated by other plants. This way you can enjoy their spring flowers until October or November (depending on the climate). In addition, the area where you plant them must be protected from strong air streams.

Another thing you need to know about sweet roses is that they are sensitive to pests, and rose mites are their biggest enemies. That’s why it’s important to check the condition of the flowers and leaves. If the pests have mastered the plants, they don’t directly apply strong chemicals, but they resort to natural solutions. First, wash the leaves and the flower blooms with water, and if the pests appear again, resort to some natural tricks:

-elder tea for aphids;
-tobacco leaf infusion for aphids, caterpillars, worms;
-oil solution (one cup of sunflower oil and one teaspoon of liquid soap) for mites, aphids, white flies;
-nettle extract or garlic spray for aphids, caterpillars.

The harvest of flowers should be done when they are mature, in the first part of the day or in the afternoon, but the first option is more appropriate. Take care of them as quickly as possible, and don’t let them stand for hours.
Now you can search for a rose jam recipe…or simply, enjoy their amazing scent.

Image Credits: Learningwithexperts

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