How To Grow Healthy Plants Using Fish Scale Fertilizer

Gardening isn’t a trend anymore it’s a necessity, at a time when we are increasingly threatened by the risk of remaining without food. It is already an obligation for people to start cultivating at least one part of what they consume, and those who already have a garden are very lucky.

How to get natural fertilizer from fish scales

First, you need to get the fish scales! If you are not a fishing fan, you can buy fish from the fish market, where they are already scale-free. There is no problem in purchasing scales! You can go to the fish market or a restaurant specializing in such products and ask for scales. Most likely traders will be more than happy to get rid of the debris. If you have established such a privileged relationship, you may also be interested in the intestines, the liver, the heart, the tail or fish bones, everything that is not generally consumed at a meal.

How do you use them?

Simply bury the debris at the root of the plant! If you don’t like this option, then you can add fish scales into compost that you prepare for gardening.

Tip: bury the fish-scale deep in the ground because the smell can be unbearable.

Regarding the use of natural fertilizer in fish scales, there are no restrictions! You can use it at the root of any plant, because everyone needs the nourishing substances in its composition. True, there are also some plant categories that don’t require so much nitrogen because they have the ability to absorb it from the air, legumes in particularly. But even in their case, fish-scale fertilizers are recommended because the substances that remain unused by the plants are kept in the soil and then contribute to the nutrition of other plant species.

Image Credits: Gardenculturemagazine

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