Eco-Friendly Solutions To Get Rid Of Houseplant Pests

Growing apartment plants provides you an enchanting green corner, with plenty of oxygen in your home and a beautiful décor. But, this means that you have to take a good care of them, and this means to hunt pests or, like I like to call them “plant lice”.

Even if they are not so visible, apartment plant pests are present in the soil and plant leaves. And if you face with this problem, it’s time to try out some natural solutions that keep pests away.

Put a garlic clove in the soil
If you suspect that a flower is infested with pests, then you can bury a garlic clove in the soil. The substances eliminated from this veggy will eradicate the pests inside the pot. This natural solution for healing diseased plants has been used for decades by experienced gardeners.

Make a “sticky” trap
Here is an excellent solution for removing “plant lice”: spread on a cardboard (preferably in a light shade) with honey, stick a toothpick in it, and roll the mini-trap into the ground. You will notice how those tiny pests will be captured in this mini-trap. Clean the cardboard, and repeat the procedure to capture other pests.

Image Credits: Gardenista

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