How To Prepare One Of The Best Natural Fertilizers For Your Plants

We all have our little green corner, whether we live in a building or house. Starting from flowers or small ornamental shrubs, the green corner not only have an aesthetic role in your home, they also cleanse the air and have a therapeutic effect on your mood. However, to grow healthy and resist over time (especially when there are temperature fluctuations), your plants require special care. Besides water, they also need a suitable fertilizer.
And below you will earn how to obtain this suitable fertilizer, without spending plenty of money, and with excellent results.

You need:

– 50 grams of yeast (a small cube)
– 1 liter of warm water

Method of preparation:
In a big container, pour some water and put 50 grams of yeast. Mix well, and leave the solution to infuse for about two hours.
After the two hours have passed, dilute the solution obtained in a container in which 1 liter of hot water was poured. Note that the solution should be diluted in a proportion of 1: 5 with water.

The resulting fertilizer will be used depending on the season. During spring and summer, this fertilizer will be used within 10 days, and during autumn and winter it will be applied within one month.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that when watering plants with a yeast solution, the soil loses a significant amount of calcium and potassium. You can correct this situation by supplying the soil with minerals.

The results will be excellent, and you will be impressed by the amazing effect of the use of yeast as a natural fertilizer and you will enjoy all the benefits of the plants in your home.

Image Credits: Growveg

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