Keep Those Crop-Destroying Slugs And Snails Out Of Your Garden

Your favorite flowers, fruits or vegetables are a prey to slugs and snails? Any garden is full of pests and snails, but especially slugs are the worst. Below you will find the most exquisite natural way to get rid of them.

Slugs can attack cabbage, lettuce, and other crops in your garden. You can get rid of these pests very quickly with a glass of beer!
Slugs love beer as much as humans and can’t resist the temptation of taking a sip. All you have to do to get rid of these vicious insects is to get them into a deadly trap. Put a glass in the soil so that its edge is at the same level as the soil, and fill it with beer. Slugs will be attracted quickly by its smell, and once they begin to drink, they will lose their sense of orientation, falling into the glass, get dizzy and they will drown.

You can easily get rid of snails by building them a place to shelter. Place a plank of natural wood, or two on the ground, away from your plants. Snails will be attracted to the shady place where they can hide from dangers. All you have to do then is to gather them and take them away from your garden, or to put them into a glass of vinegar.

Image Credits: Wikihow

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