Homemade Fertilizer To Protect Your Cucumbers And Tomatoes From Pests And Other Diseases

If you want to grow beautiful tomatoes and cucumbers, the most important thing is to give up using chemical fertilizers. Instead, you can prepare a natural mix to grow healthy and good-to-eat vegetables.
The main ingredient for this mix is yeast.

You need:

– 4 liters of hot water
– 15 tablespoons of sugar
– 15 grams of yeast

Put the water in a large pot that exceeds four liters, because during fermentation the amount will increase.
Let the yeast to act for 5-10 hours, and stir the liquid occasionally. After fermenting, mix the solution with another 6 liters of water. Cucumbers should be sprinkled once every 10 days and tomatoes every 15 days. Put about one liter of solution to each tomato or cucumber bush. This mixture can be used both for root fertilization and for leaves to keep pests away.

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