How To Care For Hail Damaged Crops

Hail is a dangerous weather phenomenon for agriculture. It causes a lot of damage, especially because is often accompanied by strong wind that lays the plants on the ground.
Here’s what you need to do if your garden has been hit by hail.

Apply fungicides
In the vegetable garden it’s important to apply fungicides to the plants affected by hail. And fruit trees, vines and shrubs must be treated with fungicides. In this way, vulnerable plants won’t be affected by diseases that have been attacked by hail.

Apply fertilizer
For perennials, it’s recommended to apply a fertilizer with a low nitrogen concentration to bring them to life.
Collect the affected vegetables
Check all the plants and collect all the vegetables that have been affected by the hail. Otherwise they will spoil and affect the entire plant. If you harvest the affected vegetables, the chances for the plant to recover again are very high.

Removes plants that have no chance for recovery
Plants that have been greatly affected by hail and storms have to be completely removed. If they no longer have the chance to recover, these will become an outbreak for the rest of the plants in your garden. If you want, you can use the dead plants for composting.

Image Credits: Fortcollinsnursery

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