How To Prune Roses Correctly In Late Summer

Pruning roses in summer is the most important thing for a healthy growth and flowering.
Experts in gardening say that pruning roses in summer is very important and it must be done in August.

Cutting the sprouts
First of all, in the summer you have to cut off the sprouts with 2 leaves. You have to cut the top of the sprouts with wilted flowers, but never below five knots. If the cut is done before August 15, roses can bloom even more abundantly.

If the rose bush has been attacked by pests, you can cut the bush almost completely, so that by September to regenerate and give more energy to the roots in winter.

Get rid of dry leaves and flowers
To have healthy roses throughout the year, you need to cut out diseased parts of the rose, attacked by pests, or dead and wilted leaves. Cut the branches that grew inside the crown because they are choking the plant. Make sure that the cut is oblique, not straight.

It would ideally be done at an angle of 45 degrees. In the case of wilted flowers, they are cut to the first fully developed leaf, from which a new bloom will appear.

Image Credits: Lsuacenter

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