The Biggest Lawn Care Mistakes Every Gardener Makes

I’m sure that at least once in your life, it happened to face with a dry a lawn, and not knowing why? Or at least you’ve heard from your friends complaining that their lawn has dried. The costs of planting a new lawn are very high, and you can avoid this by taking care of your lawn properly. And the first procedure in doing this is to avoid the following 4 mistakes that lead to lawn dryness.

1. You mow the lawn after rain or after watering it
One of the biggest mistakes that gardeners do is cutting the lawn when it is wet. This habit is the key to destroying the lawn. Because of the moisture the grass bends slightly, being impossible to cut. In addition, moisture favors spreading microorganisms that can affect the health of the lawn.

2. Cutting the grass too short
Another mistake is cutting the grass to short. This habit causes real damages to the roots of the grass, causing dryness. Specialists recommend that the lawn has to be between 3.5 and 5 cm in height during the summer.

3. You use too much fertilizer
The process of fertilization is complicated, and exaggerations lead to the destruction of the lawn. Excessive or inappropriate nitrogen may result in grass drying. Make sure you choose the right kind of fertilization for your lawn and apply it only when you need it!

4. Using an old lawn mower
An over-used lawnmower with an over-used blade may severely destroy the lawn. This over-used blade won’t cut the grass on the contrary, it will crush it. The results? Besides the unaesthetic appearance, the lawn will dry and pests will have the perfect environment to develop.

Image Credits: Bobvila

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