The Best Way To Get Rid Of Snow Mold

Snow mold is a disease of turf grass indicating that this suffers from a fungal infection. It usually occurs in cold and wet weather. Rainy weather also favors snow mold. The term “snow” is misleading because the disease often occurs in the absence of snow, in high humidity conditions.

Snow mold does not occur only in the winter months. This fungus can occur at any time of year in cold weather after temperature fluctuations. Mold grows best at temperatures between 0 and 8 ° C. Snow mold is not spreading at temperatures above 20 ° C. The disease often occurs in association with other diseases that thrive in winter.


Like other pathogens-causing diseases, snow mold pathogens are always present. However, the disease erupts only if conditions are favorable to its development. These conditions are: lawn’s low resistance to diseases, wet and cold temperatures.

• humidity and temperature fluctuations
• rainy weather
• presence of mowed grass and dried leaf on the lawn
• humidity supported by dew and fog
• lack of air circulation (due to walls or hedges)
• lawn covered by snow for a long time
• walking on the lawn when it is frozen
• potassium deficiency


As temperatures rises, the fungus stops growing and stains on the grass begin to disappear automatically. To speed up the recovery process, you can use an aerator on these areas. To get rid of the stains, reseed the lawn.


A healthy and well groomed lawn is more resistant to snow mold. For this reason, proper lawn care is the best way to prevent infestation. At the end of the season, mow the lawn will to allow it to dry faster. Also you have to remove fallen leaves on the lawn in autumn and winter. In the spring, remove the dead plants using a rake.

Spread fertilizer high in potassium in the Autumn. The rich content of potassium promotes grass growth and increases the salt content in plant cells. In this way, potassium lowers the freezing of the sap and reduces the damage caused by freezing.

Image Credits: Lawn-Plus

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