3 Things You Shouldn’t Overlook When Growing Cherry Tomatoes In Pots

If you’re not among those lucky ones who have a garden around the house, it does not mean you can not enjoy the flavor of your own vegetables.
There are certain varieties of vegetable that are suitable for indoor areas, and cherry tomatoes fall into this category. Here are some tips to successfully grow cherry tomatoes right on your balcony!

1. Choose the right soil for your cherry tomatoes

Growing cherry tomatoes is not difficult if you follow a few basic principles, and choosing the suitable soil is one of the most important. These little tomatoes need to grow in a soil drained and rich in nutrients, and the most effective combination is composed of equal parts compost and organic flower soil.

2. Pay attention to the process of choosing the pots

When choosing the pots for growing cherry tomatoes you need to take into account their type, ie whether they have limited or unlimited growth. Thus, for the varieties of cherry tomatoes with limited growing there is no need for large pots (3 gallons big are enough), but for those varieties with unlimited growth it should be used roomy pots, at least 6 gallons big.

3. Provide the necessary fertilizer and don’t forget to water your cherry tomatoes

Because the potted fertilizer doesn’t preserve as much as in the garden, potted cherry tomatoes need to receive two times more fertilizer than those that grow in the garden. Thus, if you use liquid fertilizer, do not forget to apply it twice a month.

Regarding watering the cherry tomatoes, you must be careful to keep the soil constantly moist, but without exaggeration (it should not be soaked with water). In the very hot days these plants may need multiple watering (2-3 times per day).

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