How To Protect Potted Roses In The Winter

Large enough pots, with a good quality soil, provide a good environment for roses. They can decorate patios, porches or other areas where they can’t grow directly into the garden. But how do we protect the in the winter?

Long story short

The roses that grow in pots, unprotected in the winter, are at a higher risk of freezing than those planted in the garden.
They can be protected in designated areas (warehouses, garages, etc.) and by burying.

In the warehouses, garages etc.

Place the pots in the warehouses or other designated areas when the average temperature will fall below 5 ° C.
If inside those areas the temperature may fall below – 5 ° C, they are not suitable for storing your potted roses in the winter.
An alternative would be preserving those pots in cellars, only during the cold months, but be careful to prevent the appearance of mold.

By burying

A simple and handy option to protect the potted roses in the winter is by burying the pots in the garden.
Do pot-sized pits in your garden and place the top of the pot to the ground level.
Make a heap over the pot, as in the case of garden roses.
For maximum safety, potted roses will be buried in the garden with eastern or southern exposure, protected from strong winds.

Image Credits: Garden

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