Essential Rules To Fertilize Potted Plants

Depending on the type of fertilizer you use, it is vital to know the following things:

Liquid fertilizer

It is always administrated after you have watered the plant.
The best dilution of the liquid fertilizers is 2 tbls to 5 liters of water. Of course, it is advisable to read the manufacturer’s instructions.
If you use backup tanks for watering the plants, put the solution directly into the tank, but the condition is to be twice diluted.

Granular fertilizer

Distribute them evenly onto the substrate surface, using the dose recommended by the manufacturer.

Fertilizer spikes

Stick them vertically, near the edge of the pot.
Avoid contact with the plant roots.
Since some spikes are flexible, stick the pencil first, then insert the stick into the hole.
Fertilizer spikes are buried 3 cm deep and 10-15 cm apart from each other.

Foliar fertilizer

It is absorbed by plant through its leaves.
It is applied by spraying on the leaf surface.
Make this operation in the bathtub, in a large sink or outdoors! Avoid food contamination with this fertilizer!
This fertilizer is contraindicated to plants with hairy or fine leaves because stains may appear.

Image Credits: Greenmylife

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