5 Indoor Plants Perfect For Your Bathroom

Here are 5 indoor plants that thrive in the humid bathroom area.

Bridal Veil

Bridal Veil is a very vigorous plant, easy to maintain and with great decorative potential.
This plant is a fighter who copes with the dryness inside the houses during the winter, but in the bathroom will look even better.


Inside the house, Azalea usually falls rapidly and dies within a few weeks, all because of the dry air.
Located in the bathroom, close to the window, Azalea will feel much better and you can enjoy it for a long time.


Although it prefers humidity, Gardenia needs more light. But if you have a better lit bathroom, that’s her place!
This plant will naturally freshen the air in the bathroom.


Aspidistra is by far the best plant to be kept in the bathroom.
It is lively, she prefers shady places and loves humidity.


Aloe likes direct light and dry air, reasons that would not fit it into this classification. But there are other reasons we are mentioning it in this top.
Aloe is a perennial plant that can ignore the environment she lives in. It is therefore recommended for beginners because due to maintenance errors it can’t be killed easily.
Aloe only needs to benefit from a reasonable amount of light.
Aloe leaves are good in treating burning, itching, insect bites. Just tear off a piece of leave and dab the affected areas with the aloe juice.

Image Credits: Homedit

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