Why Do Cucumbers Get A Bitter Taste And How To Consume Them

Excessive heat

Excessive heat is the most common cause of bitter cucumbers.
If the plant is subjected to thermal stress, will produce bitter fruits.

Watering oscillation

Another issue that causes bitter cucumbers is the dry soil oscillation periods with the excess moisture ones.

Temperature fluctuations

If the temperatures the plants are exposed to vary dramatically, cucumbers can get a bitter taste.


Even the seeds came from the same package, you may find that some plants produce bitter cucumbers, while others don’t.
This happens due to recessive traits the seeds have, the plant being scheduled to produce bitter fruits.

How to consume bitter cucumbers

The bitter part of a cucumber is the extremity where it is attached to the plant.

Typically, the darker part is the most bitter.

Bitter cucumbers are not so bad in taste, some people like them most.

If you want to reduce the bitterness, remove the peel, starting with the opposite end where the stem is attached.

Image Credits: Annies Journal

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