The Smartest And Ecological Method To Get Rid Of Mole Crickets

What do you do when you want to avoid the mole cricket damage, but you don’t want to use chemicals to get rid of them?

Very simple and ingenious method

Make plastic bags strips of 8-10cm wide and 15cm long.

Wrap strips wide enough around the seedlings (the area above the root).

Plant the seedlings carefully, so that the foil remains bonded and 5-6 cm below the ground level.

Keep the foil until the seedlings thicken enough and can not be threatened by mole cricket, then remove it to allow the proper growth of adventitious roots of tomato and eggplant.

Method explanation

The method works simply because it prevents mole crickets to reach the seedlings (the part they like to consume when they reach it).

The best results are obtained with tomato and eggplant whose seedlings are planted deeper.

Image Credits: Lawn Pro

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