How To Grow Vegetables In Pots. Tips For Beginners

You miss enjoying the taste and aroma of healthy vegetables? Whether you live in an apartment building or you do not have enough space in your garden, you’ll be able to do this again if you choose to grow vegetables in pots.

How to choose the proper pot

When choosing the container to grow the desired vegetables, you must seek large pots. Remember that the plant needs space to grow properly. In addition, in large pots you can put more soil, which means you will not have to water the vegetables all the time, because the soil will retain moisture longer. Also, make sure the containers have drain holes used for excess water. If you can not find some commercially, you can make a few holes at home. You can use a drill or a screwdriver. Do not forget to put saucers under the pots. If drainage is not done properly, the vegetables will not grow properly and will dry.

Soil type used for vegetables in pots

You are probably aware that the soil found commercially is treated with different chemicals. Because your vegetables to benefit from a good quality soil, you can prepare it yourself. Besides common soil, you can count on peat moss, perlite and manure (from bovine bones, seaweed, etc.). Also you can use a diluted solution of fish emulsion.

How to plant vegetables in pots

Plant vegetables in pots in the same period they grow in the garden. It all depends on the type of vegetable that you have chosen. Take a deep hole or a trench in the ground (depending on the type of pot you have chosen) and sprinkle seeds in that area, then cover them. Read carefully the instructions on the seed packages. Given that they may not all develop, put more seeds and you’ll remove the excess plant (if needed). After planting the seeds, add water. If you do not want to use seeds, you can call specialized stores and just move your seedlings in pots.

The perfect place for your vegetables

Many vegetables need about six hours of daily sunlight, so you must make sure that the place you have chosen will provide the conditions necessary for your pots. Place the containers in a warm area. Also, potted vegetables should be spared of pets, so you should keep them in a place where they do not have access. An inappropriate environment could sicken the plants. They will become weaker against pest attacks, so it is good to check their status.
If you decided to grow vegetables in pots, it is essential to know their needs and make sure that you can deal with them.

The key words are: quality soil, drainage, fertilizer, water, light, proper temperature.

Image Credits: Ifairer

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